I am DeJeon Cain

A public servant, business owner and lifelong Gainesville resident who has been passionately advocating for my neighbors and fellow citizens for nearly eighteen years. I have offered service across several city boards and I currently sit as chair of the affordable housing commission.  I have also chaired the Gainesville Human Rights Board and made major decisions as a part of the Development Review Board.  My law enforcement background and my experience as owner of Fortitude Security, a private security and patrol company, gives me valuable insight into the crime and safety issues of our city. 

In a few short weeks, Gainesville will have a new City Council.  Major matters will face the new council and they will not have the benefit of slowly learning the issues or methodically familiarizing themselves with the backdrop to make decisions about the most pressing issues.  I bring the perspective of an outsider and newcomer with the experience and grasp of the issues that a seasoned public servant will offer. We are on the verge of major changes and the makeup of our City Council will determine what Gainesville will look like for generations to come. We have the opportunity to create the safe, sustainable, livable city of our dreams.  We can be inclusive and create a promising landscape for all citizens, regardless of which of the four corners of our city they live in.  We can protect our green spaces and historic neighborhoods while continuing to be innovative and advancing in tech and renewable resources.  In my vision of the City of Gainesville, there would be no citizens called under-represented and no neighborhoods called under-served or economically depressed. We have spent decades complaining about the same areas and problems without viewing them as opportunities.

When you are making your choice for City Commission, district 3, please look beyond what is safe and expected and deeply compare which candidate has spent hundreds of hours studying the issues, making tough decisions and serving the people without compensation or limelight.  While I respect and appreciate all endorsements that I have received, I ask that the voters look deeper than myopic evaluations based on a narrow slate of issues and look for the candidate with demonstrated and practical experience engaging around those issues.  

I am the forward thinking candidate with the resume and experience to stand for important issues like the integrity of our neighborhoods, the safety of our children and the future of our energy policy.  I will support our labor community and advocate for our city staff.  Charter offices have to be permanently filled and quality issues in some of our key departments must be addressed.  

I am DeJeon Cain and I am committed to:

  1. Reducing violent crime by working with law enforcement
  2. Improving livability by creating affordable housing
  3. Preserving and protecting natural resources 
  4. Encouraging healthy economic development projects 
  5. Building inclusive and representative community relationships
  6. Supporting our community academic partners
  7. Planning for sustainable growth and clean energy projects

I am the right candidate for the job at this time and I believe that I will serve the citizens best.  I have put in the work and my record speaks for itself.  I have been studious about the issues and I have evidence of my commitment to my neighbors and our shared resources.  I have a vision for our city and I am asking for your vote.  When making your decision for who will represent district 3 on the Gainesville City Commission, please consider DeJeon Cain, an experienced public servant, small business owner and hopeful visionary for our city. 

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